Deontics Clinical Futures

Benefits of Deontics

Our decision engine highlights individualized pathway-approved treatments and provides full access to all available options, respecting clinician autonomy.

Our authoring tool has a graphical user interface and markup functionality which allows anyone with domain knowledge to create executable pathways, test and quickly iterate and update without writing any computer code. Different evidence sources can be layered on top of one another and included in the same decision, including customized or local guidelines and patient preferences to suit local requirements.

What our technology helps you achieve

Flexibility & Autonomy

  • Graphical user interface and markup functionality which allows anyone with domain knowledge to create executable pathways, test and quickly iterate and update without writing computer code
  • Scales to cover entire disease management and not just situation action alerts, CPOE, drug formulary activities or regimen selection
  • Allows off-pathway activities without the patient or user having to leave the system
  • Supports a flexible and situation adaptive execution in the dynamic, uncertain clinical environment

Patient Centric Treatment Recommendations

  • Supports variation of care for individual patients – tailoring care to the individual patient profile and perspective
  • Capable of reasoning dynamically over the course of disease and time
  • Manages impact of pathways and what the appropriate adherence thresholds should be to account for patient variation of care
  • Reduces variability of outcome within a patient population

Empowered Clinical Decision-Making

  • Layered logic functionality that enables multiple guidelines and evidence sources to be layered on top of each other in a single clinical pathway
  • Highly expressive Knowledge Representation (KR) framework with process modelling capabilities (PROforma cognitive task network model)
  • Reasoning with multiple complex streams of knowledge and information, including:
    • Local, national and international clinical practice guidelines and evidence
    • Insurance policies
    • New information from genomics, proteomics
    • Input from predictive analytics, machine learning
    • Patient preferences

Clinical Compliance

  • Revolutionary transparency of compliance of all clinical decisions for all stakeholders; for the first time, the layman (patients, management, payers others) can monitor continuously in real-time the quality of, and justification for, clinical care
  • All clinical decisions recorded and timestamped including:
    • relevant version controlled evidence utilized
    • all clinical data utilized
    • compliance status
    • all decision rationales
  • Alerts physician and patient to possible non-compliance at the point of care prior to execution
  • Rationales for all non-compliant decisions recorded
  • Shown to increase compliance and reduce unwarranted variability in practice
  • All compliance data available in real-time for safety and quality purposes
  • All historical compliance data available for audit, medico legal purposes, and research

Broad Benefits of Deontics


  • Clinical user experience
  • Patient user experience
  • Patient safety
  • Treatment outcomes
  • Treatment quality
  • Clinical compliance


  • Unwarranted variability in clinical practice
  • Unwarranted admissions
  • Medical errors
  • Duplication
  • Risk
  • Lengths of stay
  • Re-admissions
  • Medico-legal costs
  • Claim denials

A Flexible & Executable Format

With a standard digital format which can easily be created/distributed/deployed on mobile platforms and used by clinical personnel, patients and administrators at any time, Deontics is broadly analogous with a standard format such as MP3 in music. This format is underpinned by the PROforma logic model, a ‘clinical Blockchain’, which is ubiquitously applicable in clinical medicine, providing consistent clinical execution.

Significant Returns on Investment

We believe that Deontics can bring far-reaching commercial and care benefits to a wide variety of users, from Clinical Providers to Payers to B2B customers.