Deontics Clinical Futures

Our Background

The Deontics technology was created by Professor John Fox and his team (Engineering Department, University of Oxford, UK) and has deep academic roots.

Its origins go back to Carnegie Mellon University (USA), where Prof. Fox’s mentor, Prof. Herb Simon, a Nobel Laureate, is world famous for his work in AI. Subsequently, the work continued at the Medical Research Council (UK), Cancer Research UK, the University of Oxford and University College London.

The Deontics product suite is based upon the PROforma clinical logic model, a purpose-designed and formally-sound modelling language for capturing and expressing medical logic and semantics. It was developed across decades by Prof. Fox and his team specifically for CDSS products and to overcome some of the problems associated with overly prescriptive, linear decision trees.

PROforma is the most powerful, versatile and executable logic model of its type in the world, is patient-centered, and is ubiquitously applicable across any clinical use case.

Through its use of argumentation, rather than “if-then” logic, PROforma supports non-linear and linear pathways and decisions, and easily accommodates ambiguity, missing data and multi-disciplinary activities, for example. It provides a modern cognitive logic model in which to code the full range of clinical applications, from triage to advanced clinical decision support systems. Explicitly designed around a quality and patient safety agenda, it has a rigorous formal and theoretical foundation.