Same Day
Emergency Care

Deontics CDSS can help identify the right patients, making sure they are streamed into the most appropriate service, ensuring the right evidence-based protocols and guidance are being followed whilst considering the patients’ individual data.

Supporting clinical and operational staff throughout the patient pathway – from admit to treat to discharge.

The need for acute care service re-design has never been as crucial as it is today. Delivering high quality, sustainable healthcare with rising patient demand across urgent and emergency care services means increasing admissions impact on emergency departments (ED), bed occupancy and increasing numbers of patients outlying across the hospital with inevitable negative impact on patient outcomes, increased length of stay and experience.

Trusts need support to improve quality, effectiveness and productivity across same day emergency care and acute frailty care service provision.

20 popular pathways where Deontics supports AEC/SDEC

• Low risk chest pain

• Cellulitis

• Suspected DVT

• Suspected Pyelonephritis

• Suspected pulmonary embolism

• Low risk AKI

• Head injury

• Upper GI bleed

• Urinary retention

• Ureteric colic

• Acute asthma in adults

• Suspected Pneumonia/COVID

• Seizure

• Heart failure

• Exacerbation of COPD

• Anaemia

• Ascites

• Low risk febrile Neutropenia


• Hyponatremia

Download the full Deontics
SDEC/AEC brochure.