Next Gen Clinical Pathway technology – Whitepaper

January 18, 2017

Clinical Pathways (CPs) are increasingly being perceived and used as a tool to improve quality of care, reduce unwarranted variation, and control costs. As their use increases, many challenges and potential barriers to pathway adoption are becoming apparent. The limitations of the current simple rule-based technologies, used to implement CPs often prevent the user from realising full potential of clinical pathways, and contribute to user pushback. Flexible, dynamic and unobtrusive implementation of CPs using cognitive decision-science and artificial intelligence based technologies can help to overcome many of these challenges.

Dr Vivek Patkar CMO, Deontics is talking on Deontics innovative clinical pathway modelling approach at WIN annual conference (24 January 2017) at Warwick university.

Download the white paper: Next Gen Clinical Pathways – Deontics