Deontics Clinical Futures


For Clinical Providers

Hospitals, Clinics & Primary Care

With Deonics technologies, you can gain efficiencies and insight into value-based care and the capability to benchmark, manage and monitor clinical behavior and performance, manage risks and reduce costs. Our cutting-edge clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and clinical pathways systems can be used for any clinical condition in any setting, compatible with other portals and systems.

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For Payers

Public and Private Insurers

Our systems enable you to authorize treatment over an entire pathway, improve and monitor clinical compliance, minimize risk and manage costs. You can also implement Health Plans at the point of care avoiding costly claim denials. High-volume historical batch data can be run retrospectively to analyze claims and gain insights for more accurate stratification and pricing of risk.

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For Content Creators

National guideline institutions, Local protocol / guideline authors, Medical publishers

With Deontics Authoring Workbench, you’re able to build executable clinical pathways, workflow systems and clinical decision support systems quickly and without the need to write code (you design it and coding is automated and instantaneous). Our system elegantly translates complex guidelines into useful and interactive online tools for clinicians and patients.

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Business to Business

Healthcare IT, Electronic Health Records, Patient Held Records, Telemedicine, Medical Instrumentation, Occupational Health, Medical Publishers etc.

Deontics supplies decision software technology on an OEM basis to a whole spectrum of businesses. Our customers span Healthcare IT, medical instrumentation, patient facing applications, health insurers, content providers and publishers. With Deontics technology, you can introduce decision functionality into your product or platform to gain value, increase, monitor and communicate quality, and improve user experience.

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For Patients

Individuals who have been diagnosed with any clinical condition

For the first time you can have full transparency on your care. Deontics can give you your individualized treatment recommendations based on the clinical evidence, and the capability to monitor the quality and compliance of your own care. You can include your own personal preferences into the treatment recommendations. With Deontics, you can track their own treatment, understand the rartionales for treatment options and their compliance status, and take part in shared decision making and improve your experience.

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