Deontics Clinical Futures

Business to Business

Deontics supplies decision software technology on an OEM basis to a whole spectrum of businesses. Our customers span Healthcare IT, medical instrumentation, patient facing applications, health insurers, content providers such as national guideline authors and publishers.

With Deontics technology, you can introduce decision functionality into your product or platform to gain value, increase quality and improve user experience.

Deontics is working with a number of large and small Healthcare IT partners to produce OEM systems ‘Powered by Deontics’. If you would like to discuss these possibilities, please contact us.

Deontics systems are highly configurable so it is possible to satisfy any use case or clinical environment. Deontics systems provide functionalities which fit naturally alongside EMR, HIE and other Healthcare IT systems. Deontics believes there is a powerful strategic rationale for working closely with other companies with adjacent technologies in whatever geography.