Deontics Clinical Futures

For Clinical Providers

Deontics CDSS

An innovative decision-support and executable adaptive pathway solution for clinicians and patients to improve healthcare outcomes, patient safety and reduce costs.

Deontics CDSS streamlines clinical workflows, resources and provides actionable information where it’s needed most, ensuring standardized care across the organization. Deontics CDSS works with any clinical pathway and is complementary to current EHR technologies. It is also platform agnostic and capable of use on laptops and other mobile devices.

Deontics CDSS provides a flexible, dynamic, support for clinical decisions based on the Deontics decision engine. The clinician decides the guideline to utilize and the engine provides personalized treatment decision options linked to the relevant guideline sections. Clinicians choose treatments.

Transparently and elegantly handles medical nuances such as conflicting evidence, uncertainty, strength and grades of evidence, co-morbidities and patient choices.

Supports Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT) in evidence-based decision making, service quality management and clinical efficiency

Key Benefits of Deontics CDSS

  • Dynamically match patient data to relevant guidelines to provide personalized treatment recommendations
  • Increase productivity and streamline processes
  • Manage clinical workflows and avoid bottlenecks
  • Improve compliance with guidelines and protocols
  • Reduce error and duplication
  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve referrals
  • Reduce lengths of stay
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Reduce costs
  • Implement Health Plan compliance at the point of care
  • Automate quality and outcomes monitoring and record keeping – Real Time Clinical Audit
  • Layer guidelines and local protocols without customization
  • Integrate and improve MDT decision making
  • Incorporate patient preferences
  • Automate population of registries
  • Generate real-time research data and analyses