Deontics Clinical Futures

Authoring Workbench

The Deontics authoring workbench has been developed from first principles to allow use by those with no technical knowledge, but with some domain knowledge.

It gives people an easy way to create clinical-strength pathways by converting evidence from guidelines, protocols and other sources into executable format very quickly and easily – without the need to write computer code (you design it and coding is automated and instantaneous)

The authoring platform uses the underlying PROforma knowledge representation and process modelling  language developed by the Deontics team as the basis for capturing all required content in executable format, and is capable of integrating with individual patient data in the engine.

PROforma is the clinical logic model developed by our team. We believe this is the most powerful, versatile and executable clinical logic model of its type in the world for developing and deploying clinical pathways. The authoring platform allows for full version control, as well as the ability to reuse logic elements developed in one pathway in another.