Deontics Clinical Futures


The Deontics product suite is based upon the PROforma clinical logic language. PROforma is a purpose designed and formally sound modelling language for capturing and expressing medical logic and semantics.

It was specifically developed by the Deontics team over a period of decades to enable the development of CDSS products and to overcome some of the problems associated with the use of overly prescriptive, linear, decision-tree and business-process modelling type technologies in representing clinical workflows and decisions.

By contrast, through its use of argumentation, PROforma supports non-linear as well as linear pathways and decisions, and can easily accommodate ambiguity, uncertainty, missing data, and multi-disciplinary activities.

PROforma provides a modern logic language in which to code the full range of clinical products, from pharmacy activities through to advanced clinical decision support systems. Our team has explicitly designed it around a quality and patient safety agenda with a rigorous formal and theoretical foundation.