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Our PROforma clinical logic model is the most powerful, executable and versatile clinical model developed worldwide.

Powers the Deontics AI decision engine / Specifically developed by Deontics team over long-term academic programme for the ‘chaotic’ clinical data environment / Works primarily through argumentation allowing accommodation for uncertainty, ambiguity, non-linear functionality.

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Powered by PROforma – our clinical logic language

The most powerful and versatile clinical logic language developed worldwide. PROforma enables clinical evidence to become executable, deployable and distributable.

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Clinically-led artificial intelligence

Innovative, world-leading, decision support and executable pathway solutions to benchmark clinical practice, improve healthcare outcomes and patient safety.

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Key Benefits & Differentiators

"Deontics is one of the smartest clinical decision support systems out there"

Prof. Mike Fisher, chief clinical information officer
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

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