We’re Deontics and we specialise in unique Ai clinical decision support systems for global healthcare providers.

We are committed to supporting healthcare providers in delivering the right care at the right time. By enabling clinical efficiencies and up to date guidelines, we support clinicians in providing the appropriate care for each patient. Our highly sophisticated Ai-based software platform and applications can be used in any clinical environment (primary, secondary or tertiary care) to bring clinical compliance benefits and ROI.

Our vision

To be the most clinically recommended (clinical) knowledge-based
planning, monitoring, CDS and analytics platform available, touching the lives of
100 million patients every year in 5 years.

Real world usability

Deontics Health is a powerful mobile-friendly CDS application
that supports both clinical and operational pathway management
and treatment decision making.

Digital platform

We offer organisations a range of innovative health tech
solutions that provide an outstanding user experience with clinical
excellence at their core.

Our technology