Primary Care

Our Primary Care Intelligent Treatment Pathways (ITPs) are used in GP Surgeries to provide treatment management for a variety of conditions. By automatically ingesting large amounts of clinical data and applying evidence-based guidelines and protocols, our ITPs transparently produce accurate treatment recommendations, empowering primary care clinicians, and enabling patients to be treated closer to home.

Our Primary Care ITPs can:

  • Improve patient outcomes by providing accurate and detailed treatment management plans according to the latest complex guidelines.
  • Enhance the patient experience and journey through quicker treatment and bringing the care closer to home. For example, by shifting treatment from secondary to primary care.
  • Bring cost and resource efficiencies to the GP practice as the ITPs provide specific guidance on the necessary actions to be taken, and can be used by most trained clinical staff (nurses, pharmacists etc).
  • Improve overall population health care as the ITPs can automatically identify patients who need treatment, enabling GPs to proactively reach out to them.

Deontics’ Primary Care Lipid ITP is currently being rolled out across GP surgeries as part of a national lipid management programme.

To discuss your primary care needs, and to book a demo, please contact us.