Intelligent Treatment Pathways

Deontics makes fully integrated Intelligent Treatment Pathways (ITPs). ITPs use advanced technology to streamline clinical pathways, standardise healthcare treatment for patients, and reduce decision-to-treatment wait times.

ITPs are used to:

  • Streamline Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDTs);
  • Triage patients to Standard of Care treatment;
  • Generate treatment management plans;
  •  Identify patient eligibility for clinical trials; and
  •  As an evidence-based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).
  • … amongst other benefits.

Our products are designed to be fully integrated with EPRs/EMRs and clinical workflows, ensuring clinical teams are not burdened with additional cumbersome tools.

We are CE marked, compliant with NHS regulations and information governance requirements, and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Learn more about our ITPs in Primary Care  and Secondary Care.

Deontics Technology Platform

All of our ITPs run on Deontics advanced proprietary AI platform, which uses Knowledge Representation – a branch of artificial intelligence that is fit for purpose for the medical sector. Our technology uses cognitive models to mimic human decision-making abilities by evaluating and aggregating multiple arguments. It handles uncertainty, incomplete information (data) and conflicting evidence, all of which occur in medicine.

Our clinical authoring platform enables clinicians to customise the ITP without the need for engineers or developers. This ensures the ITP always reflects localised, up to date, best clinical practice. ITPs can be fully automated, partially automated, and/or work alongside clinicians as a support tool.

We are an HSCN (NHS Cloud) hosted platform, and can integrate with most commercial electronic patient record systems, or operate as a standalone application.

For a deeper-dive on the Deontics technology, please read our technical peer-reviewed publications in Research.