Deontics Clinical Futures


Deontics is a world-leading Clinical Pathways and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) company. Our highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) based software platform and applications can be used in any clinical environment (primary, secondary or tertiary care and any indication) to bring clinical compliance benefits and ROI.

Cognitive computing is one of many branches of Artificial Intelligence and Deontics is a pioneer in this area – with a particular focus on healthcare.

We look at how we humans weigh up evidence and make decisions, and study how best to formalize the process and assist with machines. So, why do we need cognitive clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and adaptive clinical pathways?

Standard CDSS systems built with “if-then” rules engines and decision trees cannot deal with uncertainty or complex non-linear disease management. They are not equipped to capture domain expertise in a knowledge framework that is dynamic and flexible and allows for situationally-adaptive execution.

Deontics has solved these problems by developing our prize-winning PROforma clinical logic model – utilizing cognitive principles and relying primarily on argumentation rather than ‘if-then’ logic – to create a clinically effective “GPS” for the physician – dyamically guiding the clinical team and patient around management decisions.