“…one of the smartest clinical decision support systems out there.”

Prof. Mike Fisher, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, Royal Liverpool Hospital – a UK Government Digital Exemplar

Our system automatically tracks the compliance of each and every clinical decision.

Deontics CDSS streamlines clinical workflows, and provides actionable information where it’s needed most. This ensures standardised care across the organisation. Our highly sophisticated, auditable artificial intelligence (Ai) based software platform and applications can be used in any clinical environment (primary, secondary or tertiary care) to bring clinical compliance benefits and ROI.

Our system enables clinicians to decide which guidelines to use and the engine provides personalised treatment options linked to the relevant guidelines.

Deontics Health benefits


Deontics Health benefits

Improve compliance with guidelines and protocols

Reduce costs
Improve referrals
Generate real-time data and analyses
Reduce lengths of stay
Manage clinical workflows and avoid bottlenecks
Matches patient data to relevant guidelines to provide personalised treatment
Layer guidelines and local protocols

Deontics clinical decision support system streamlines clinical workflows and resources, and provides actionable information where it’s needed most.

Deontics clinical decision support system streamlines clinical workflows, resources and provides actionable information where it’s needed most.

Who do we work with?

Healthcare Providers

Deontics Health is a clinical decision support system that allows healthcare providers to make decisions efficiently and consistently using detailed personalised treatment recommendations.

Channel Partners

Deontics clinical decision support system is designed to assist our partners to increase market share, profitability and valuable sales with a measurable ROI.


We work with healthcare businesses to deliver customisable decision support software spanning Healthcare IT, medical instrumentation, patient-facing applications, health insurers and content providers.


We work worldwide with distributors of clinical decision support solutions. Our configurable pathway technology is able to integrate the latest clinical evidence alongside local pathways and protocols.

Why work with Deontics?


We are leaders in Ai healthcare technology, with a dedication to improving efficiencies and streamlining services.


Our Ai platform and services are configurable to support the needs of each and every business we work with.


Our platform is used globally, delivering high quality care into today’s challenging environments.


We streamline clinical workflows and resources, and provide actionable information where it’s needed most.

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