Deontics named as partner on DXC’s new digital health ecosystem

March 28, 2018

Clinically-led artificial intelligence health IT company Deontics has been named as a partner on DXC Open Health Connect, the digital health platform that enables healthcare providers to give better quality of care and patient outcomes. The UK-based clinical decision support specialist company joins other partners such as Microsoft and Validic on the enterprise platform.

DXC Open Health Connect aims to deliver the necessary tools and blueprints to healthcare providers and payers to quickly and securely integrate and flow data across the healthcare network, helping to lower costs, improve care quality and boost patient outcomes.

“As the healthcare industry makes way for a more connected ecosystem, it will require next-generation capabilities and a partner network to match, ” said Dr. Guy Wood-Gush, CEO of Deontics. “For this reason, we believe the DXC Open Health Connect platform provides a key strategic partner solution for Deontics’ world-leading AI clinical decision support and adaptive clinical pathways platform, empowering Deontics to bring dynamic clinical utility to EMR patient data in any clinical environment.”

Find out more about DXC Open Health Connect.