Deontics Clinical Futures


Deontics offers a suite of technologies that enables the systematic representation, distribution and deployment of evidence-based clinical guidelines and pathways.

Embodying powerful AI models with a multi-decade heritage, Deontics technology can integrate with most commercial electronic patient record systems, or standalone, either in real-time or, as part of an analytics program, retrospectively.

How it works

The Deontics platform uses the PROforma clinical logic model of knowledge representation, and the platform includes:

  1. The Deontics Authoring Platform
    A clinical knowledge management workbench, used to encode clinical knowledge into the PROforma executable format
  2. The Deontics Pathways System
    A powerful and scalable knowledge engine that dynamically ‘runs’ those PROforma knowledge bases (clinical guidelines or pathways) against patient data to provide invaluable clinical guidance.

This suite is deployed so that it can interact with customer systems as shown below:

The Deontics pathways product is designed to be deployable in any clinical use case or IT environment.

Deontics technology is Java based and therefore platform independent and will run ‘out of the box’ on all platforms including Linux (including Apple, iPad, iPhone and other smartphones). In addition, Deontics development tools are all designed around web-based delivery of services. They are highly modular and extensible so that it is, for example, easy to integrate with external applications via APIs.